Lynx now has chat and is the world’s first* messaging app centered around media. *pretty sure

The missing puzzle piece has arrived: chat.

It needs no explanation, but just in case, this means that you and your friends can finally yak, yap, scat, rap, babble, discuss, converse, gab, gush, rave, mumble and confab about all, every, and any piece of media you’re sharing on Lynx.

We built chat into Lynx so you can better communicate about the stuff you love: articles, videos, songs, whatever you choose to share.

Here’s all you need to know:

  1. Tap “+” to add a chat when sending.
“+” is your new best friend

2. In Green Lynx, a number in the chat bubble shows how many unread chats you have, a dot (•) indicates chats you’ve read, and a plus (+) means there are no chats yet.

3. When you tap on a link that has been shared with or by more than one person, you will see multiple chats for that link.

Chat is now available in our app and on our site and in our browser extensions. And they all sync up like N*SYNC’s dance moves.

Go forth and send something witty (i.e. carefully chosen emoji) today!