Luckily they don’t work at Instagram.

Whenever a company goes and changes up their logo, people go insane. I’ve been guilty of it too of course.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter what we think.

These aren’t just tweaks or updates, these are new logos. It’s a rebrand. This is some OS X shit, not the latest version of OS 9 (and there is no Rosetta). We all now live in a new brave world where the Instagram logo is different than it used to be.

It was the same when Uber dropped their (hideous) new icon, or Airbnb’s weird (plagiarized) rebrand, and there were a million times before. Do we really hate change that much? Especially the snobby tech elite that pride ourselves on being ambassadors of the future — except for the part where we violently hate whenever anything changes?

Are you going to stop using Instagram because their icon changed? No, you are going to go on living your life, and pretty soon down the road, like a few days from now, it will seem natural and normal and you won’t even remember the old way. And then 6 months from now you’ll see the old logo on a retro design blog and be like “Ew, that was such an bad logo, I can’t believe they kept it for so long! I loved the new one right away.”

If I was Instagram trying to create a new icon, who would I be trying to appeal to: a 30-something man in SF or a teenage girl in Asia?

It’s not about you. </rant>