Here is a bunch of stuff I said on Twitter and Medium

Just did a quick scan of things I wrote down this year, and here are the highlights. Major themes: a lot about the death of the web, Apple, startups, and sharing links. Sounds about right!


Apple Watch Doesn’t Have Safari And You Didn’t Even Notice
The death of the browser has been a slow and steady process, but I believe Apple Watch will now be the nail in the…
Excuse Me, Do You Have The Temperature?
With Apple Watch, I look at the temperature just as often as the time


The Secret To Running A Startup For 5 Years: Show Up Every Day And Work
Today marks five years since we founded MAZ. Here’s what I’ve learned.
How We Plan To Make Our Tech Startup 50% Women
To celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we are taking action.

The Web

Feature Requests


I Left The House Without My Apple Watch And Hated It So Much
I guess I’d become quite used to post-phone living without even realizing it.
Lynx: Sharing Links Like It’s Not The 90s
Sending links has weirdly been left untouched by modern design, until now.


Virtual Reality Will Commoditize Everything, Even Time Itself
What happens when everyone has access to everything?
The Inevitable Feed Of Feeds (a.k.a. The Russian Doll Effect)
Every media platform is eventually swallowed by something larger
This Is The New Apple TV
Somewhere between the Apple Watch and Amazon Echo lives the future of your living room and more generally, your home.
Curation vs. Algorithms: Curation Wins, But Not In The Way You Think
Friend curation beats generic curation or algorithms every time.

Things I Created

Beyond Asynchronous: Deferred Communication
Sharing media content is inherently different than sharing selfies.
Chat has cometh.
Lynx now has chat and is the world’s first* messaging app centered around media. *pretty sure

Random Thoughts