The team (and tech) behind Push Pop Press has finally made its way into the main Facebook app, graduating from their side project, Paper. It’s beautiful, smooth, and still looks a lot like Al Gore’s “Our Choice”.

To the end user, the instant loading and improved presentation is awesome. But to Facebook, this is less about the content and more about “let me sell your ads for you”.

Step 1: Publish content on Facebook with your own ads — you keep everything. It’s just a better UX and so hopefully people prefer your content over non-instant. CTR is up, traffic is up.

Step 2: Do a trial where Facebook serves some of your ads. “Oh wow!” you think, “Even 70% of this is more than I was making selling my own ads.”

Step 3: Facebook replaces all ads on your Facebook content — they have targeting data and great native formats. Less work for you and more money!

Step 4: Why don’t you let Facebook do all the ads on your entire site? You’ll save money on an ad sales team, increase revenue, increase margins, and live the dream!

It’s a good pitch. The two questions will be:

  1. Can Facebook really make publishers more money than they are making now?
  2. Will Facebook stack the deck to make sure that #1 is true by burying “lesser” content in the News Feed algorithm's black hole?